July 27, 2022

Apollo introduces supergraph professional services by Xolvio

Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Our main objective at Apollo is to ensure every company can build a successful supergraph. As part of the effort, we’re committed to ensuring a thriving supergraph ecosystem of solutions and technology partners that make it possible for companies to scale their supergraphs. I’m excited to announce that we are partnering with Xolvio to provide professional services for customers needing additional help scaling their supergraphs.

About Xolvio

Xolvio is a boutique consulting & development company made up of digital architects and expert builders with a proven track record in helping organizations scale their supergraphs. They have enterprise-grade experience working with high-complexity systems with a specialty in refactoring and modernizing legacy code through domain-driven design principles and CI/CD pipeline automation.

Apollo and Xolvio have partnered on several key projects and are excited to make this an official partnership. One of those projects was the launch of Audi’s e-tron reservation platform for their electric car. The Xolvio team worked closely with Apollo and Audi to build a supergraph to power their e-tron reservation system, which they were able to launch in just four months. As Jeff Titus at Audi puts it, “Xolvio offers a level of experience and cross-functional value that we have never encountered anywhere else, nor have we been able to find from any single organization.”

How Xolvio helps teams scale their supergraphs faster

Xolvio partners with engineering organizations to assess their GraphQL capabilities, create a supergraph roadmap, and provide dedicated engineers to help implement the supergraph. Xolvio founder, Sam Hatoum, says, “We have been part of Apollo’s amazing journey since the very beginning, which allowed us to create a unique methodology for deliberate and predictable supergraph design and implementation. Our holistic approach to software architecture and development ensures that we provide targeted support tailored to the organization’s current GraphQL adoption stage and aimed at fast-tracking an enterprise-wide supergraph.”

Xolvio provides dedicated engagements from 2 to 12 weeks and more ongoing support if needed. Some of the deliverables that Xolvio provides are:

  • Creating readiness assessment and Supergraph project roadmap
  • Conducting schema design sessions
  • Breaking monoliths into microservices
  • Joining existing REST services to the supergraph
  • Implementation of a federated supergraph 
  • Integrating CI/CD pipelines with schema registry integration
  • Creating standard reference repositories with best practice patterns
  • Defining maintenance strategies

Learn more about Xolvio’s Apollo GraphQL professional services here.

Reach out to get started:

If you are interested in exploring a relationship with Xolvio, reach your account executive or message us at partners@apollographql.com. Stay tuned for additional announcements around our partner program.

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Marc Berman

Marc Berman

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