September 15, 2022

The Graph Architect’s Guide to GraphQL Summit 2022

Melissa Annecchini

Melissa Annecchini

Calling all graph architects! If you are looking for inspiration, best practices, and help building or scaling your organization’s supergraph architecture, then this blog is for you. Read on for your graph architect’s guide to GraphQL Summit 2022. 

#ICYMI: GraphQL Summit 2022 is back in person October 3-5 in San Diego for 3 days of surf, sun, and all things GraphQL. Register today to avoid all the FOMO

Why you should attend GraphQL Summit 2022 

Come to GraphQL Summit to hear how graph architects at leading global enterprises are migrating to a federated supergraph, scaling large graphs with many resolvers, and more.  

Connect with fellow graph architects to share advice, best practices, and lessons learned from scaling a supergraph enterprise-wide while overlooking the San Diego marina or indulging in brews at the ultimate Graph & Brew at Stone Brewery. 

Can’t miss sessions

Determining the Right Architecture to Design When Adopting Apollo Federation with Maria Lucena, Director of Architecture, Fidelity Investments

  • As teams think about creating or migrating their APIs to Apollo Federation, it can be perplexing, if not paralyzing, to decide where functionality should go in a distributed system. In this session, Fidelity Investments share the techniques that have helped us identify and separate functionality, using time-tested engineering techniques, including domain-driven design, that teams can embrace to become productive faster.

State of the Federation Subgraph Ecosystem with Derek Kuc, Principle Engineer, Apollo GraphQL 

  • Apollo Federation is a powerful, open architecture that helps you create a unified supergraph that combines multiple GraphQL APIs. From dynamically typed languages like JavaScript to statically typed Java. From functional programming style of Elixir to Object Oriented one in C#. SDL first or code first. Developers have a number of options to choose from when developing their GraphQL subgraphs. In this talk we’ll explore the ever growing federation subgraph ecosystem and highlight some of the available libraries.

Sit Back and Let the Graph Grow with Joey Nenni, Enterprise Architect, PayPal

  • Remove the stress and guess work from designing your company’s large GraphQL schema. Having an intensive schema design process ensures your graph remains consistent and coherent but often blocks product teams from meeting deadlines due to complex ownership issues and required time for a quality design review. Instead, learn how to unblock your product teams and let them express what they want from the graph by allowing them to create whatever schema they want exactly how they want it in their own protected bubble on the supergraph. Learn from the schemas your client applications are creating and design a quality shared schema at the pace required to do the job properly.

How We Unified One Graph at Block with Alex Hancock, Software Engineer, Block 

  • Architecture overview of our system at Block, how we fostered adoption, and how we unified two separate GraphQL implementations at the company to use one graph.

7 Tips for Writing Better Resolvers with Max Gooding, Software Architect, Neo Financial 

  • If you are a large organization and have many developers you probably have hundreds or maybe even thousands of resolvers. Here are 7 tips that will help you maintain and scale your large graph and its many resolvers!

Don’t delay, register today

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Already tasting the salty air but need more details to convince your boss? Use this Justification Letter to help persuade them of the benefits of attending GraphQL Summit 2022. 

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Melissa Annecchini

Melissa Annecchini

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