April 9, 2024

Announcing GraphQL Summit 2024 in New York City

Michelle Greer

Michelle Greer

At last year’s GraphQL Summit, we learned why Netflix placed a “big bet” on GraphQL federation. We heard about Intuit’s measured rollout of Apollo Router. And we learned how federated subscriptions enable client teams to deliver real-time updates to their apps – no matter where that data is stored. This year’s GraphQL Summit is in New York City, and we expect an even better event this year.

After just five years, GraphQL federation is becoming a de facto skill to manage API complexity in distributed architectures. In fact, Gartner predicts that 30% of enterprises will incorporate GraphQL federation into their stacks within three years. This architecture didn’t just take off at digital-native companies like Netflix, PayPal, and Expedia. It’s now a critical part of the API programs across industries like retail, healthcare, CPG, automotive, and many others. Organizations like Major League Baseball and Volvo Cars chose GraphQL federation to help them deliver immersive, omni-channel, and feature-rich digital experiences at any scale.

So what do the next five years look like for federated graphs? How can larger organizations leverage this architecture to roll out the next generation of personalized, AI-driven applications? That’s the theme of this year’s GraphQL Summit on October 8-10.

GraphQL Summit: The ultimate conference for API platform teams and decision-makers

If you’re interested in learning how some of the most innovative companies in the world tackle these problems with GraphQL federation, don’t miss this year’s GraphQL Summit. This event provides an insider’s look behind the API platforms and strategies that power some of the biggest digital brands on the internet today. Join a community of your peers to learn how they’re thinking about GraphQL in the AI era.

Learn, connect, impact

This year’s GraphQL Summit will be power-packed with useful talks, workshops, and networking opportunities. Whether you’ve been using GraphQL federation for years or are just evaluating it, you’ll benefit from real-world anecdotes and practical advice for managing a supergraph at any scale. This year’s Summit features talk tracks and hands-on workshops that cover architecture, platform management, human factors, and client development. There is also a new AI track, highlighting how to use GraphQL federation to power the next generation of applications. 

GraphQL Summit isn’t just about technical know-how though. GraphQL federation is becoming a de facto component of a modern API platform. By attending this conference, you will learn how to modernize your API strategy to better reduce technical debt, improve developer velocity, drive a better user experience across applications, and help your organization better adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

And *drumroll*…here are our confirmed speakers:

  • Marc-André Giroux, Senior Software Developer from Netflix and author of Production-Ready GraphQL 
  • Stephanie Saunders, Engineering Manager at Coinbase
  • Mike Cohen, Senior Technical Fellow from Indeed

Be sure to pay attention to Apollo on X and/or LinkedIn to find out our next batch of confirmed speakers. If you would like to share your GraphQL federation knowledge to the world, submit a talk at www.graphqlsummit.com

Early bird tickets are available until May 20th. We look forward to seeing you in New York City!

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Michelle Greer

Michelle Greer

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