May 12, 2023

Apollo Changelog: May 12, 2023

Dylan Anthony

Dylan Anthony

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Using Apollo Client with Next.js 13

We’ve been very excited about the app folder in recent versions of Next.js, and now that it’s the default for new projects, we’ve decided to support it directly! This week, we published a blog post discussing the new, experimental package that makes it easier than ever to integrate with Apollo Client. We’re also hosting a livestream on Wednesday, May 24th at 13:00 UTC discussing this topic. We’ll see you there!

A fresh way to learn GraphQL

Our education team (the same folks who build courses on Odyssey) have rebuilt from scratch with one goal in mind: make it easier than ever to learn GraphQL. If you’re new to GraphQL, want a refresher on certain topics, or want to give us some feedback, go and check it out! We’d love to hear any suggestions for improvements or additional topics.

Complete GraphQL validation in Rust

Our apollo-rs team has been hard at work completing the GraphQL validation specification, and they’re now excited to release apollo-compiler 0.9.0! While it was already production-ready for the vast majority of use cases, this release makes the compiler 100% spec-compliant. That means no matter what type of GraphQL you’re validating, the compiler should work for you. 

What GraphQL projects are you working on? Let us know in Discord so we can feature it in an upcoming blog post!

Rapid roundup

Community spotlight

Apollo aren’t the only ones building a GraphQL Compiler in Rust! Robert Balicki recently gave a talk at the Tokyo Rust Meetup discussing Relay’s Rust-based compiler. The objectives are different, but the message is the same: Rust is a great language to build this sort of infrastructure.

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Dylan Anthony

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