May 19, 2023

Apollo Changelog: May 19, 2023

Patrick Arminio

Patrick Arminio

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ApolloGraphOS Enterprise self service trial

ApolloGraphOS Enterprise is now available for a self service trial to the developer community.

Apollo Kotlin office hours’ stream recording

A couple of weeks ago we had our second office hour livestream, all about Apollo Kotlin! Head over to the blog post to rewatch it or read the transcript!

And, speaking of Apollo Kotlin, the first alpha for version 4 was released a few days ago!

Can’t wait for the next office hours? I have good news, then! The next office hours is coming very soon, on the 30th of May at 14:00 UTC to be exact. Lenz will be joining us to talk about Apollo Client! Register here.

Apollo Router v1.19.0

We released Apollo Router v1.19.0 a few hours ago! This release includes improvements on both CPU usage and memory utilization, a new require_authentication feature for GraphOS, an update to Federation 2.4.5 (which brings improvements to the query planner), and many more improvements, you can read the full changelog here!

Rapid roundup

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Patrick Arminio

Patrick Arminio

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