March 27, 2023

Apollo Changelog: March 27, 2023

Dylan Anthony

We’re live

Last week we hosted a livestream where we implemented a TypeScript subgraph using Apollo Server—another installment of our series of subgraph implementations. Which language or library would you like to see next? Let us know in our Discord server.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 28) at 11 am PDT, join us on Discord for a live stream about entity interfaces. Apollo Solutions Architect Lenny Burdette will walk us through past challenges with interfaces in Federation and this powerful new solution to them.

Lifting off again

Our education team has updated the entire Odyssey Lift-off series, now featuring Apollo Server 4! If you haven’t checked out this free course before, there’s never been a better time. Odyssey courses include videos, written lessons, coding challenges, and sample starter code. They’re the best way to learn about full-stack GraphQL in JavaScript.

The root of auth things

The latest GraphQL Summit supercut gives you a taste of the challenges with enforcing authorization in GraphQL. For more detail, watch the full talk by Ashley Narcisse.

Rapid roundup

  • Router 1.13.0 was released with uplink metrics, improved logging, and better DataDog compatibility.
  • A beta release of apollo-ios 1.1.0 is available for testing—try out multipart subscriptions and improved selection sets and give us your feedback!

Community spotlight

Chanon Roy wrote an excellent blog post describing why @defer is so exciting. If you can’t wait to try it once you finish reading, you can add @defer support to any GraphQL server using GraphOS.

NearForm posted a blog about using Mercurius (one of the many federation-compatible subgraph libraries) in a supergraph. It also includes a comparison of several different gateway and router options. Before picking one, make sure to check out the differences between Federation 1 and 2.

A huge shoutout to Discord user @dobrynin for reporting a couple of bugs in the new @interfaceObject implementation. If you’re having trouble with any Apollo tools or libraries, hop into our Discord server and let us know! We use your feedback to improve products, documentation, and educational resources for everyone.

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