January 11, 2021

GraphQL Summit Worldwide is back!

Julia Black

Julia Black

Calling all GraphQL developers; the biggest and most interactive GraphQL conference is back: GraphQL Summit Worldwide.

Join us this April 7th and 8th, 2021 for another round of talks and panels from experts in the GraphQL community. 

While we wish we could see you in person, we’re excited to meet you online again, to top how awesome last year was. So come on out. We’ll set up environments for everyone (attendees and GraphQL community leaders) to meet, chat, and learn from each other.

Excited to learn from the experts and connect with the GraphQL community? Register now for free.

Speaking at summit

Do you have ideas and experience to share with the community? We’d love to hear from you. Our Call for Proposals is now open until February 12, 2021.

And want to know something extra cool!? If you’re talk is selected we’ll pay you $500 to say thanks for taking the time to prepare and record your session!

Here’s what we’re looking for.


Developers attend GraphQL Summit to get inspired and take back the knowledge they can share with their teams. We love talks with a unique perspective, teach the audience something new, and push the GraphQL community forward. 

All talks should be 20 minutes long and allow for 10 minutes of live Q/A with the audience.

Dig it? Sweet 🙂 We look forward to reading your submission! 

Need a talk idea?: This year’s event will be larger than ever, so we’ve organized our content into themes to help attendees discover what’s relevant to them. Below, you’ll find a list of themes we suggest for your CFP, but please don’t limit yourselves to our list. Let your creativity shine through.


  • Performance
  • Stability
  • Governance
  • Developer Experience (tooling)
  • Federation
  • Caching (like pagination)
  • GraphQL in the Wild – tell us how your company is using GraphQL to solve problems 
  • Mobile

First-time speakers: We’re excited to hear your ideas, even if it’s your first conference talk! If you need help vetting your proposal, please contact us at speakers@graphql.com. We can also help with your content and presentation if your talk is accepted.

Diversity: GraphQL Summit welcomes all developers, and we’re committed to promoting an inclusive environment at our conference. Our speaker lineup must reflect a diverse balance of races, genders, and backgrounds, and we encourage underrepresented groups in tech to apply.

What to expect if your talk is selected: We pre-record all of our talks to minimize any glitches happening on the event days. Your talk will need to be recorded by March 25, 2021 if you choose to record your own talk (guideline will be supplied). You also have the option to record with our streaming company (dates will be available the week of March 15). 

Code of Conduct: All attendees, speakers and volunteers at our conference are required to follow our code of conduct 

We hope to see you at GraphQL Summit Worldwide and look forward to reading your talk proposals! 🎉

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Julia Black

Julia Black

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