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July 20, 2022

Building a GraphQL server in Go with go-graphql

Over the last decade, Golang has cemented its place among the most popular multipurpose programming languages. With great documentation, a highly active community, and a relatively easy learning curve, it’s become the go-to (hehe) choice for many developers. Go can be used for lots of things, but its speed and code efficiency makes it a […]

October 6, 2021

Using GraphQL with Golang

Golang is a fast and modern programming language that helps you build simple, reliable, and efficient software. If you’ve been wondering how to build a backend API with GraphQL and Golang, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some great community-supported libraries that help you do just that. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how […]

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May 26, 2023

Apollo Changelog: May 26, 2023

by Dylan Anthony