September 25, 2019

New, simpler pricing for Apollo Graph Manager

Claire Hough

Claire Hough

Today we are excited to announce new user-based pricing for the Team edition of Apollo Graph Manager. Please read on for more details about why we made the change and how this affects your account.

The Apollo platform helps teams collaborate and ship features faster with a shared data graph. Many customers have shared feedback that our query-based pricing has been difficult to forecast, and at least in some cases has discouraged the expansion of the data graph. They’ve asked — quite reasonably! — for a pricing model that better tracks the value they get from their data graph and the Apollo tools they use to manage it.

So today, we’re excited to announce a new user management model and team-based pricing for Apollo Graph Manager. The Team plan for Apollo Graph Manager (formerly Apollo Engine) is now $49 per user per month when paid annually, or $59 per user per month when paid month-to-month.

User management screen for Apollo Graph Manager
User management for Apollo Graph Manager

With this change, we are adding the ability to create and manage your organization and its members directly from Graph Manager. Previously, Apollo required a GitHub account and Apollo teams mirrored the membership of your GitHub organization. Now, you can invite new users to your organization by email, manage the membership of your organization, and review your team’s monthly spend all directly from Graph Manager.

Today we’re rolling out this user-based pricing model to all new Apollo Graph Manager subscribers. Existing teams will transition to the new pricing model on November 1st. If you have an annual subscription, we’ll move you to the new pricing on your upcoming renewal date.

We hope this new pricing is simpler and more straightforward for your team. If you have any questions about your subscription and these changes, please see our pricing migration FAQ or contact us to learn more.

Happy querying!

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Claire Hough

Claire Hough

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