September 6, 2022

The App Developer’s Guide to GraphQL Summit 2022 

Melissa Annecchini

Melissa Annecchini

Calling all app developers! If you are looking for help navigating how to effectively, and efficiently, build applications on top of the supergraph, then this blog is for you. Read on for your app developer’s guide to GraphQL Summit 2022. 

#ICYMI: GraphQL Summit 2022 is back in person October 3-5 in San Diego for 3 days of surf, sun, and all things GraphQL. Register today to avoid all the FOMO

Why you should attend GraphQL Summit 2022 

Come to GraphQL Summit to hear how graph champions at leading global organizations are reducing friction in the app development process, optimizing their schemas, solving caching challenges, and more. 

Connect with fellow app developers to share advice on schema best practices and how you are using the supergraph to deliver innovative customer experiences while overlooking the San Diego marina or indulging in brews at the ultimate Graph & Brew at Stone Brewery. 

Can’t miss sessions

Challenges of Modularizing a GraphQL iOS Application Calvin Cestari, iOS Engineer, Apollo GraphQL

  • There is no one-size-fits-all approach to building a modularized iOS app. How would you approach sharing generated GraphQL schema objects throughout your modularized app? Do you want to co-locate the generated model objects with the rest of your view code? How could you share GraphQL fragment generated code with multiple objects and/or operations? This talk explores a few of the challenges you might face, and some techniques for resolving them.

Navigating the Normalized Cache Ali Asghari, Staff Engineer, Wayfair

  • Mobile app experiences focus as much on the space between screens as they do the screens themselves. Transitioning between screens however is data bounded, often requiring a latent network round trips to fully render. While pre-fetching is a solution, for apps with federated ownership, coordinating what data to pre-fetch becomes challenging. By examining what motivates our users’ navigational patterns, we can design schemas which allow for uncoordinated data sharing and smoother transitions by leveraging the normalized cache.

Schema Updates on Mobile GraphQL Clients Anthony Miller, Lead Developer, Apollo iOS, Apollo GraphQL 

  • Most GraphQL clients use schema knowledge to execute GraphQL operations, configure caching, generate model objects, and more. This talk explores the problems that schema updates pose to mobile applications using Apollo iOS and Apollo Kotlin; some methods for dealing with those problems; and how possible future additions to the GraphQL specification could help mitigate them.

Isolated Client Development with Kaitlyn Taboada, Lead Software Engineer, Odeko

  • We will cover using the power of the schema to create meaningful/reliable stub data quickly. This allows frontend developer work without relying on backends to be complete or operational. This is vital for a microservice ecosystem to prevent users from needing to spin up microservices to develop locally.

Don’t delay, register today

Read the full details about this year’s conference and register to attend here. Don’t miss out!

Already tasting the salty air but need more details to convince your boss? Use this Justification Letter to help persuade them of the benefits of attending GraphQL Summit 2022. 

P.S. Sending a group? Reach out to for an additional $200 off each pass.

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Melissa Annecchini

Melissa Annecchini

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