September 6, 2022

The Backend Developer’s Guide to GraphQL Summit 2022

Melissa Annecchini

Melissa Annecchini

Calling all backend developers! If you are looking to learn more about building, managing, and securing your supergraph at scale, then this blog is for you. Read on for your backend developer’s guide to GraphQL Summit 2022. 

#ICYMI: GraphQL Summit 2022 is back in person October 3-5 in San Diego for 3 days of surf, sun, and all things GraphQL. Register today to avoid all the FOMO. 

Why you should attend GraphQL Summit 2022 

Come to GraphQL Summit to hear best practices from backend developers at leading global enterprise organizations who are minimizing API maintenance work by contributing to the supergraph.  

Connect with fellow backend developers to share advice for building subgraphs, ensuring security, and modernizing your stack with a supergraph while overlooking the San Diego marina or indulging in brews at the ultimate Graph & Brew at Stone Brewery. 

Can’t miss sessions

Offensive GraphQL Security Testing with Nick Aleks, Sr. Director of Security, Wealthsimple and Dolev Farhi, Head of Security & Research, Inigo 

  • Understand how to hack GraphQL through the lens of a hacker. By using the same tools and resources adversaries use to break GraphQL applications, developers can pragmatically test the security posture of their applications before it’s too late.

Server Driven UI and Batching from Gateway to Subgraphs with Samuel Vazquez, Sr. Software Development Engineer, Expedia Group 

  • Learn how to make sure you’re taking full advantage of Apollo Federation to batch operations to subgraphs and subgraphs to downstream through resolvers with a custom DataLoader dispatching mechanism. 

How We Do Localization at Babylon with Dominic Chambers, Staff Engineer, Babylon 

  • Discover how utility objects can be used when creating subgraphs that expose functionality that can not be surfaced using entity objects. Plus, Dominic will share concrete examples of how they’ve done this at Babylon, and why they think it’s a great pattern.

Don’t delay, register today

Read the full details about this year’s conference and register to attend here. Don’t miss out!

Already tasting the salty air but need more details to convince your boss? Use this Justification Letter to help persuade them of the benefits of attending GraphQL Summit 2022. 

P.S. Sending a group? Reach out to for an additional $200 off each pass.

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Melissa Annecchini

Melissa Annecchini

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