September 12, 2022

The Champion’s Guide to GraphQL Summit 2022

Dan Boerner

Dan Boerner

Calling all supergraph champions! If you are looking for help navigating the technical and organizational challenges of driving supergraph adoption at your company, then read on to learn why joining us at GraphQL Summit 2022 is a must.

#ICYMI: GraphQL Summit 2022 is back in person October 3-5 in San Diego for 3 days of surf, sun, and all things GraphQL. Register today to avoid all the FOMO

Why attend GraphQL Summit 2022 

At GraphQL Summit, you’ll hear how champions at Netflix, Reddit, and Allergan (among many more) are accelerating GraphQL adoption at their organizations. Connect with your peers and gain key architectural and governance insights, including how to foster collaboration and develop a stewardship model. If you are looking to increase internal buy-in for your supergraph program, and don’t mind a little sun, come join us at Summit where we’ll be overlooking the San Diego marina. 

Can’t miss sessions

You can read the full list of workshops and sessions here and check out a few sessions you don’t want to miss below:

Netflix’s Supergraph Saga Continues: Collaboration @ Scale with Stephen Spalding, Distributor of Systems, Netflix

  • So you’ve federated. Teams are contributing and the graph is growing. Congratulations, you’ve unlocked a new level of scale – and a whole new class of problems! This talk is about lessons learned and how to tackle the next set of challenges.

Champions Table – From Governance to Stewardship with Dan Crews, Lead Architect, Allergen, AD Slaton, Sr. Director of Architecture, Bleacher Report, and Juliana Congote, Software Engineer, World Fuel Services 

  • How can we best govern a collective effort such as a graph of graphs? In this session, we’ll gather around the champion’s table to explore the pros and cons of different governance models and how champions are working to move beyond classic top-down governance to collaborative stewardship.

Getting Buy-In for Your Next Strategic Project with Kaitlyn Taboada, Lead Software Engineer, Odeko

  • Driving transformational change can be daunting. There are technical considerations, but also some of the more difficult challenges center around getting your project funded and driving the momentum needed to act strategically for the business. Join this session to hear techniques and practical considerations for making your GraphQL initiative successful.

Champions Journey Workshop with Dan Boerner, Apollo Graph Champion 

  • The allure of a unified, modular and agile composition layer is clear, yet the promise of the supergraph would remain unrealized without internal advocates to champion the way forward. In this interactive workshop, we’ll use examples from the audience to trace our path through key moments of the supergraph champions journey, providing a practical framework grounded in real-world use cases. You’ll learn:
    • The key mindsets of an effective champion
    • How to orient your GraphQL adoption plans around shared pain points and key company objectives
    • Best practices for iterating your way to success, delivering value at each step while weathering changing circumstances
    • How to ensure your program’s success is self-sustaining over the long term

Don’t delay, register today

Read the full details about this year’s conference and register to attend here. Don’t miss out!

Already tasting the salty air but need more details to convince your boss? Use this Justification Letter to help persuade them of the benefits of attending GraphQL Summit 2022. 

P.S. Sending a group? Reach out to for an additional $200 off each pass.

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Dan Boerner

Dan Boerner

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