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Federation case studies

The following is curated list of case studies from companies that have adopted a federated approach to GraphQL consolidation with the support of various elements of the Apollo platform.


This post details how Adobe Experience Platform engineering uses GraphQL with over 40 internal contributors across 40 API endpoints at Adobe to improve their agility and velocity:

GraphQL: Making Sense of Enterprise Microservices for the UI


Look inside Glassdoor’s graph architecture to see how they scaled GraphQL using Apollo Federation with key insights about designing a performant and secure graph:

Scaling GraphQL at Glassdoor


This series of blog posts outlines how Netflix uses a federated approach to GraphQL to power its Studio API:

How Netflix Scales its API with GraphQL Federation (Part 1)

How Netflix Scales its API with GraphQL Federation (Part 2)


Want to scale your graph? Take a look at how RetailMeNot (part of Ziff Media, Inc) transitioned from a monolithic graph to a federated graph and the lessons they learned in this process.

RetailMeNot 💜 GraphQL Federation

RS Components

This series of blog posts outlines how RS Components adopted a transitionary architecture to facilitate its move to a federated GraphQL API, and with an eye for how to to scale its efforts in the future:

Schema Services: Transitioning Towards a Federated Architecture

The Evolution of GraphQL at Scale


From scaling to developer velocity to documentation, this blog post outlines what key insights the StockX team had in their journey adopting federation:

9 Lessons From a Year of Apollo Federation


This post outlines how the Walmart Customer Experience team migrated away from REST-based orchestrators to use Apollo Federation for enhanced performance and developer ergonomics:

Federated GraphQL @ Walmart

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