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Kotlin native

Apollo Kotlin is built for multiplatform and therefore supports iOS, MacOS, and other Darwin targets.

Since version 3.5.0, the library requires executables to use the new Kotlin Native Memory Manager. To configure it on your project you can use the following snippet:

kotlin.targets.withType( {
binaries.all {
binaryOptions["memoryModel"] = "experimental"

More information is available on the migration guide.

Multithreaded coroutines

By default when using the x.y.z-native-mt branch of coroutines, Gradle replaces the -native-mt version with the non-mt version as outlined here. To prevent this, add the following to your root build.gradle.kts:

allprojects {
configurations {
all {
resolutionStrategy {

This ensures that the same version is used everywhere, and that Gradle doesn't fail because -native-mt is a pre-release version (1.5.1-native-mt < 1.5.1).

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