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HTTP interceptors

Apollo Kotlin supports multi platform HttpInterceptor very similar to OkHttp Interceptors. Use them to add authentication headers, log the network calls or anything else.

The interface is a single method. For an example, implementing an authentication interceptors can be done with:

class AuthorizationInterceptor(val token: String) : HttpInterceptor {
override suspend fun intercept(request: HttpRequest, chain: HttpInterceptorChain): HttpResponse {
return chain.proceed(request.newBuilder().addHeader("Authorization", "Bearer $token").build())

Then add the interceptor to your HttpNetworkTransport:

val apolloClient = ApolloClient.Builder()

By default, Apollo Kotlin comes with ClientAwarenessInterceptor and LoggingInterceptor.

Reusing OkHttp interceptors on JVM only projects

If your project is a JVM only project and you already have an OkHttp Interceptor, you can also reuse it:

val okHttpClient = OkHttpClient.Builder()
val apolloClient = ApolloClient.Builder()
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