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UI Tests

provides a built-in IdlingResource to help you write UI tests with Espresso. The ApolloIdlingResource makes sure that your tests wait for your queries to terminate before proceeding.

Add the apollo-idling-resource dependency:


If you have multiple ApolloClients, you need to create and register a different ApolloIdlingResource with a different name for each. Registering multiple IdlingResources with the same name will cause your test suite to crash.

// Create your IdlingResource
val idlingResource = ApolloIdlingResource("apolloIdlingResource")
// Register the idlingResource before running your tests (once per client).
// Intruct your ApolloClient to update the IdlingResource
val apolloClient = ApolloClient.Builder()

In the example above, all executed by apolloClient (except , which might run for a long time) will update the IdlingResource so that no automatic actions take place while your app is waiting for data.

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