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The Rover CLI


Rover is in active, rapid development. Rover commands are subject to breaking changes without notice. Until the release of version 0.1.0 or higher, we do not yet recommend integrating Rover in critical production systems.

For details, see Public preview.

Rover is a CLI for managing and maintaining data graphs with Apollo Studio. It helps you safely publish and fetch GraphQL schemas (both monolithic and federated) from the Apollo schema registry.

Upon full release, Rover will replace the existing Apollo CLI as the primary command-line tool for communicating with Studio.

Rover does not currently provide client-specific features, such as code generation or client checks. For these features, continue using the Apollo CLI.

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Public preview

Rover's public preview period is currently active! Throughout this period, the Rover team will release new preview versions of Rover for the public to test out and provide feedback on. We plan to release a new version approximately every 2 weeks, with the possibility of critical bug patches in between. Although we no longer have any planned changes to the command structure, prior to version 0.1.0 we reserve the right to make breaking changes in new releases without notice.

The documentation for Rover includes some commands that are still in development, and therefore can't be used yet. These commands are noted as unreleased. Unless a command is noted as unreleased in progress, you can assume it should work. If you experience issues using a command, please open an issue and let us know!

During this period, we will not be accepting any public contributions to code, but we welcome feedback or questions!


We'd love to hear your feedback on Rover if you try it out! To provide feedback, please open an issue.

Here are some topics we're particularly interested in hearing about:

  • How discoverable are Rover features?
  • How intuitive does the Rover command structure feel?
  • How helpful are Rover error messages and logs?
  • What commands or features would you like to see in Rover?
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