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Since 0.22.0

The Rover license command

Manage GraphOS Enterprise licenses, including offline licenses, with the rover license command

commands that manage for Apollo begin with rover license.

Fetch offline Enterprise license

license fetch


Offline support is available on an as-needed basis. Send a request to your Apollo contact to enable it for your organization.

Run rover license fetch to fetch an offline license from for a graph with a GraphOS . Use the fetched license to enable enterprise features while running offline and disconnected from GraphOS, as supported when running the Apollo Router with an offline license.

Specify the to fetch from with a --graph-id :

rover license fetch --graph-id <apollo-graph-id>


  • An offline Enterprise license is valid for the lesser of the duration of your with Apollo, or one year, with an added grace period of 28 days.

  • You are responsible for keeping your offline license files up to date within your infrastructure by rerunning rover license fetch to fetch updated license files.

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