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Introduction to Apollo GraphOS

The supergraph platform

Apollo GraphOS is the cloud platform for building, growing, and collaborating on your organization's supergraph.

Create your first supergraph!What's a supergraph?

What's in GraphOS?

The GraphOS platform provides an ever-growing collection of tools and services to help you build your supergraph and scale it safely:

Core features

These features (along with many others) are available to organizations on the Serverless (Free) or Serverless plan:

  • Cloud routing.
    • GraphOS automatically provisions and hosts a router for each of your supergraphs. Clients query your router instead of individual subgraphs, which enables the router to automatically collect operation metrics that you can then visualize in Apollo Studio.
  • The schema registry.
    • GraphOS tracks the GraphQL schemas for all of your individual subgraphs, and it also handles composing those subgraph schemas into one supergraph schema for your router.
  • Safe schema delivery.
    • The schema checks feature of GraphOS enables you to verify whether proposed changes to a subgraph will cause an issue with other subgraphs, or with any of your existing clients.
    • Whenever you update a subgraph schema, GraphOS composes a new supergraph schema for your router. If composition succeeds, your router automatically begins using its new schema.
    • You can view the results of each launch that takes place whenever you update a subgraph schema, helping you resolve any issues that might occur.
  • An interface for every use case.
    • Apollo Studio is the primary web interface for GraphOS. Among other capabilities, you use Studio to create your organization and its supergraphs, view schemas and metrics, and test out operations in the Explorer.
    • The Rover CLI is the primary command-line interface for GraphOS. Among other capabilities, you use Rover to publish subgraph schemas to the registry, run schema checks from CI, and test out your supergraph within your development environment.
    • If you want to automate your own workflows outside of Studio or Rover, you can use the official GraphOS Platform API to do so. We'll expose more GraphOS capabilities through the Platform API over time.

Enterprise features

These additional features are available to organizations on an Enterprise plan:

  • Self-hosted routing.
    • Deploy your supergraph's router inside your own infrastructure, enabling you to maximize its performance and fully customize its behavior. Self-deployed routers use the same powerful technology that cloud routing uses under the hood.
  • Supergraph filtering with contracts.
    • Deploy multiple instances of your router that use different filtered subsets of your supergraph's schema. Different clients can then communicate with different routers, limiting them to whichever types and fields they should have access to.
  • Extended data retention.
    • Your supergraph's historical operation metrics are available for visualization in Studio significantly longer than with a Serverless plan.
  • Enhanced user management.
    • Assign fine-grained user roles to organization members, and optionally override those roles on a graph-by-graph basis.
    • Set up single sign-on (SSO) with your identity provider.
    • Export audit logs of all material events that occurred within your organization over a time period.

In addition to the features above, an Enterprise plan provides access to our Graph Champions community and a dedicated support channel for your team to talk with Apollo supergraph experts. We'll work with you to customize a query volume limit and support package that's right for you.

If you're interested in an Enterprise plan, please get in touch with us!

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