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Rover template commands

For use with Apollo Federation

A supergraph (also called a federated graph) is a graph composed of multiple subgraphs:

Supergraph (A + B + C)
Subgraph A
Subgraph B
Subgraph C

Rover template commands help you create new subgraphs from templated projects in various federation-compatible implementations.

This feature helps you quickly start up a new GraphQL project or explore various subgraph implementations. If you want to contribute a new template, open an issue here!

Create a new subgraph

Run rover template use <PATH> to generate the boilerplate for a new subgraph. You can either use the guided wizard experience to select a template, or specify a template with the --template flag.

Using the wizard

Run rover template use <PATH> to start a wizard that helps you create a new subgraph project. The wizard walks you through a series of questions to help you choose a template.

rover template use my-new-subgraph

By default, the wizard prompts you for which programming language to use for your project. You can optionally provide a --language option to skip this prompt.

Run rover template use --help to see a list of available languages.

rover template use "my-new-python-subgraph" --language=python

Skipping the wizard

If you know exactly which template you want to use, you can specify the --template option to skip the wizard:

rover template use "my-new-apollo-server-subgraph" --template="subgraph-javascript-apollo-server"

Use rover template list to see a list of available templates.

Listing available templates

The rover template list command lists each available template with its corresponding ID (which you can provide to the --template option of rover template use). It also displays each template's name, language, and Repo URL. To learn more about a specific template, go to its repo URL and see its file.

This command accepts the same --language option as rover template use to filter the list of templates.

For a machine-readable output, use the --json flag.

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