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Privacy and data collection

By default, collects some anonymous usage data to help us improve the tool.

To opt out of data collection, set the APOLLO_TELEMETRY_DISABLED environment variable to true in each environment where you use .

doesn't collect any personally identifiable information (such as API keys, names, or file paths). For more information, see Apollo collects and uses this data, see our privacy policy.

Collected data

Unless you opt out, reports the following data each time you run a command:

  • The command that was run (excluding any identifiable arguments such as file-system paths or profile names)
  • The version of rover that was executed
  • A unique, anonymized machine identifier, which is the same for every command run on the same machine
  • A unique, anonymized session identifier, which is different for every command
  • The SHA-256 hash of the directory that rover was executed from
  • The operating system rover was executed on
  • The CI system rover was executed on, if any
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