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GraphQL at Scale with Apollo Federation 2 & GraphOS

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What you'll learn

In this 3-hour hands-on workshop, you’ll learn best practices for deploying a federated GraphQL API at scale. This course has been updated to incorporate Apollo Federation 2 and GraphOS, giving you the knowledge to connect all your data and services seamlessly to scale any supergraph.

Join Eve Porcello from Moon Highway for an interactive overview of microservice architecture, creating subgraphs using Apollo Server, deploying your GraphQL supergraph router, and safely evolving your supergraph using Apollo GraphOS. Eve also cover authorization strategies, performance techniques, graph security, and more!

  1. Best practices for scaling your graph with managed Federation

  2. How to create your GraphQL Router with GraphOS

  3. Authorization strategies and graph security

Meet the speakers

Eve Porcello
Software Engineering Instructor

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