Tech Talk

Schema Design Best Practices with Apollo Federation

November 3| 9:00am - 10:00am PST

Taking a thoughtful approach to schema design is essential for any successful GraphQL API, but even more important for federated graphs where multiple teams contribute to and consume the composed schema. To that end, this session will present practices for designing these schemas that will scale across teams and future use cases for your federated graph.

Required skills and understanding: GraphQL, Apollo Federation

Meet the Speakers

Erik Bylund

Sr. Solutions Architect, Apollo GraphQL

What you'll learn

How to design an expressive, demand-oriented schema for your federated graph that enhances predictability for API consumers through good governance practices

How to build your schema with developer ergonomics in mind, including establishing naming conventions and handling nullability and abstract types

How to leverage Apollo Studio to understand how your schema is being used and make informed choices about how to evolve it safely over time

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