Tech Talk

Using Contract Variants in Apollo Studio

January 12| 9:00am - 10:00am PST

Contracts are a powerful demand control feature of Apollo Studio that allow you to deliver different subsets of your supergraph schema to different consumers. For example, you can use contracts to offer one view of your schema to teams that build user-facing client apps, another view to a team that maintains an internal dashboard, and yet another view to third-party consumers of your API—all while maintaining a single version of your supergraph schema.

In this session, we’ll cover what contracts are and when to use them. We’ll also demonstrate how to create a contract variant in Apollo Studio and how to use the @tag directive in a subgraph schema to include or exclude types and fields selectively in a contract variant.

Required skills and understanding: GraphQL, Apollo Federation

Meet the Speakers

Lucas Leadbetter

Solutions Architect, Apollo GraphQL

What you'll learn

What contracts are, how they work, and what use cases they can support

How to create a contract in Apollo Studio

How to use the @tag directive in a subgraph schema

Best practices for contract variant implementation

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