July 14, 2023

How to power modern media apps with Apollo GraphOS

Joe Devine

Joe Devine

For today’s media companies, consumers are expecting increasingly richer, more dynamic web and mobile clients. As a result, there are increasingly higher demands on media companies’ architecture and ability to provide a deeper customer engagement across the board. This demand now requires media companies to provide more tailored, aggregated views of their data for their customers as well as being able to capture more bespoke user inputs to further tailor the experiences.

However, providing a consistent experience to end users can require significant architectural change or overhead especially when data is required from both internal and external sources.

Fortunately, a supergraph can provide the consolidated, and tailored view of required data that media company engineering teams need. Providing this singular, consistent API for all required data sets can enable frontend engineering teams to ship new features faster, provide more bespoke user experiences while reducing possible performance overheads on the client. 

Similarly, leveraging a supergraph enables the backend teams the freedom and autonomy to manage relevant portions of the schema independently with the safety provided by Apollo GraphOS.

What does a media supergraph look like?

A supergraph-based architecture ultimately exposes a one-stop shop for frontend developers to get the data that they need and rapidly build out new product features as those capabilities are iteratively exposed by backend engineering teams in the supergraph schema:

Get started with a media supergraph today

The best way to see the possibilities of a supergraph is to try one out. You can explore a media supergraph and run real queries against it here.

We also have a series of case studies and blogs that dive into different elements of a typical media organization’s schema to illustrate how Apollo GraphOS help power essential features of modern media applications:

If you’d like to talk to an Apollo expert about how a supergraph can power your media services, please reach out to us.

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Joe Devine

Joe Devine

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