January 28, 2021

Introducing Odyssey, the Apollo Learning Platform

Janessa Garrow

Janessa Garrow

The Apollo platform provides loads of powerful tools that help you enjoy the benefits of GraphQL and a unified data graph. And as with any platform, there’s always more to learn about it. The Apollo docs provide a comprehensive reference for everything Apollo, but we know developers are eager for a more directed, interactive, and fun learning experience. Good news: we’ve been hard at work on one!

Your Odyssey begins

Today we’re thrilled to launch Odyssey, Apollo’s official learning platform.

Apollo Odyssey - A platform to learn GraphQL and the Apollo ecosystem

Odyssey is a free, hands-on learning tool. Each Odyssey course is a collection of approachable lessons that walk you through a particular Apollo topic. Lessons are presented in both video and text, and they’re lightly seasoned with questions and code challenges to help reinforce your understanding.

Lessons in Apollo Odyssey

Learn faster, build faster

Our mission at Apollo is to empower developers to build apps faster. Apollo and GraphQL definitely accelerate app development, but only after developers are familiar with them! With Odyssey, we want to remove a lot of the guesswork that comes with adopting a new technology by providing free, up-to-date, first-party guidance for you and your team.

What courses are available?

In the spirit of “launch and iterate,” we’ve shipped Odyssey with a single course: Lift-Off Part 1. The first of a three-part series, it walks through the basics of building a GraphQL-powered web application using Apollo Client and Apollo Server. If you’re new to Apollo, this is a great place to start! 🚀

Plenty more on the way

Of course, we have a lot more in store for Odyssey than just “the basics.” Between advanced features of Apollo Client (plus the native mobile libraries!), Apollo Federation, and Apollo Studio’s ever-growing feature set, there’s no shortage of topics for us to cover. If there’s an Odyssey course you’d particularly like to see, let us know on Twitter!

Ready to set forth?

To get started, head on over to odyssey.apollographql.com! You can also sign up for a free Apollo account if you don’t have one! That way you can keep track of your progress, as well as access Apollo Studio. In addition to all the features Studio provides, you’ll be able to use the Apollo Studio Explorer throughout all of your Odyssey lessons.


We hope you’re as excited about Odyssey as we are. To know when a new course is available, you can follow us on Twitter or click on the “Notify me” buttons on courses that haven’t been released yet.

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Janessa Garrow

Janessa Garrow

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