Deploying with Heroku

Deploying your GraphQL server to Heroku

Heroku is a common Platform as a Service that allows you to deploy your Apollo Server and have a functional GraphQL endpoint.

1. Create and set up a new Heroku application

Log into the Heroku dashboard. Then click “New” > “Create New App” in the top right. The name you choose will be used later in this tutorial as <HEROKU_APP_NAME>, so be sure to replace it in the later sections.

New App Screenshot

Name your app and hit “Create app”

Create App Screenshot

2. Push project to Heroku

Install the Heroku Cli, then inside of your project, run:

$ git init #existing git repositories can skip this
$ heroku git:remote -a <HEROKU_APP_NAME>

$ git add .
$ git commit -am "make it better"
$ git push heroku master

Send a query to your GraphQL service at your Heroku Application at <HEROKU_APP_NAME>

Note: If you are using a project pushed to GitHub, you may want to setup automatic deployments from your repository, which you can do by following the steps in this section.

3. Configure environment variables

In order to enable the production mode of Apollo Server, you will need to set the NODE_ENV variable to production. To ensure you have visibility into your GraphQL performance in Apollo Server, you’ll want to add the ENGINE_API_KEY environment variable to Heroku. For the API key, log into the Engine UI and navigate to your service or create a new one.

Then under the “Settings” tab, click “Reveal Config Vars”. Next set NODE_ENV to production and copy your key from the Engine UI as the value for ENGINE_API_KEY.

Add Engine Api Key Screenshot

Send a query to your GraphQL service at your Heroku Application at <HEROKU_APP_NAME> and then check out the tracing data in the Engine UI.

If you would like your GraphQL service to be exposed on a different port, you can also add a PORT environment variable.

Deploying directly from GitHub

If you have your project published to github, you are able to setup Heroku to perform automatic deployments from branch. If you have pushed your project GitHub, you may select a branch in your repository that will trigger deploys.

Add Integration Screenshot

Edit on GitHub
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