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April 3

12:00pm PT

Champs Meetup:
Exploring Apollo Router's Entity Caching for Enhanced Performance

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Caching is a critical component of any performant system, and GraphQL is no different. Subgraph teams often implement caching strategies for data sources, helping reduce the overall latency of requests, but what about the Apollo Router? Let's talk about a new feature in Entity Caching, where we take the benefits of Federation and leverage it to create a performant and cached graph.

What is the Supergraph Champions Community?
Established in June 2021, the Supergraph Champion community brings together strategic GraphQL thought-leaders and practitioners in a shared safe place that offers encouragement, support, confidence, guidance, career networking, architectural and social proof points necessary to make each of the champions more confident and more effective in their efforts to advance the supergraph.

Meet your Speakers

Lucas Leadbetter
Solutions Architect
Dan Boerner
Field CTO


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