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How RetailMeNot Migrated from a Monolith to a Supergraph

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What you'll learn

Like many early adopters of GraphQL, RetailMeNot started on a GraphQL monolith. However, their API team found themselves spending most of their time doing code reviews, and they had little time for innovating on their platform. Meanwhile, their frontend teams were often waiting for new capabilities to be added to their graph.

Watch on-demand as Hannah Shin and Kartik Kumar Gujarati from RetailMeNot engineering share how they made the switch from their monolith to a federated supergraph and accelerated their frontend development while freeing up their API team to innovate.

  1. How to migrate from a GraphQL monolith to supergraph safely and incrementally

  2. What gains in both backend and frontend developer productivity RetailMeNot saw after migrating to a supergraph

  3. How to build a graph governance group to establish best practices, educate teams, and improve developer onboarding

Meet the speakers

Hannah Shin
Senior Software Engineer, RetailMeNot
Kartik Kumar Gujarati
Senior Software Engineer

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