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How Volvo is building a better digital car buying experience

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What you'll learn

Before adopting the graph, Volvo’s websites and apps were powered by different endpoints, resulting in inconsistent experiences. Watch this talk on-demand as Stephan Lonntorp, Software Engineering Manager at Volvo Cars, discusses how they built a federated graph to deliver cohesive experiences throughout their digital properties.

  1. How migrating from a graph monolith to Apollo Federation empowered Volvo’s service teams to on-board their capabilities to the graph and evolve their services on their schedule

  2. How a unified schema and better data governance helps Volvo ensure that they are delivering cohesive experiences across all of their digital touchpoints

  3. How Volvo plans to expand its graph adoption to empower more of their engineering teams

Meet the speakers

Stephan Lonntorp
Senior Engineering Manager at Volvo Cars

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