November 15, 2022

Announcing the end-of-life schedule for Apollo Gateway v0.x

Phil Prasek
Director of Product
Last updated November 14, 2022

With Apollo Router v1.x being rapidly adopted as our next-generation supergraph runtime and Apollo Gateway v2.x and Federation 2 being GA for over 7 months, Apollo Gateway v0.x is now officially deprecated and will reach its end-of-life on September 22, 2023. As of today, Apollo Gateway v0.x is no longer under active development. We will, however, continue to release security patches and fixes for major regressions until September 2023, after which Apollo Gateway v0.x will no longer be supported or maintained by Apollo

We recommend migrating to Apollo Router today for its significant performance gains and capabilities. Apollo Router 1.x is the re-platforming of the Gateway offering 10x better performance, enhanced security, and many built-in capabilities like cors, logging, telemetry, and traffic shaping that can be configured declaratively with YAML rather than with Javascript code. Optionally, the Router can be customized with Rhai scripts and native Rust plugins for advanced use cases. Our roadmap for the router includes new features like entity-based @defer support (now in preview), live queries, authorization, caching, demand control, and much more.

If you are unable to migrate to the Router, Apollo Gateway 2.x is a drop-in upgrade from Gateway 0.x. Plugins and middleware written for 0.x will work unmodified in Gateway 2.x. Most future feature development will be focused on Apollo Router, so we would love to understand any obstacles you encounter migrating to it. Please open a discussion on GitHub if you need general help or open an issue if you have any troubles!

Written by

Phil Prasek


Phil is a Director of Product at Apollo GraphQL with 20 years' experience in product and engineering roles building successful new products at startups and large enterprises.

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