April 10, 2023

Apollo Changelog: Apr 10, 2023

Dylan Anthony

Dylan Anthony

Stay in the know

We recently enabled the new “Community Onboarding” feature within Discord. You can now customize which types of notifications you receive, discover channels based on your interests, and show off more info about you!

Want to be notified of future blog posts, live events, or GraphOS incidents from Discord? Click “Channels & Roles” and select the notifications you’re interested in!

Apollo iOS 1.1

The latest version of Apollo iOS enables manual initialization of generated models. This makes it easier to write manual data to the cache, spin up models for unit tests, create UI fixtures (loading states and Swift UI previews), and more! Additionally, this release comes with support for HTTP multipart subscriptions. In most cases, upgrading to 1.1 should require no changes to your code, so you can update today!

Office hours

We’re kicking off a new series of live streams in our Discord server where we invite you to learn what Apollonauts are up to and ask any questions you have. The first will feature Anthony Miller, a maintainer of Apollo iOS. Join us on April 20th at 1 pm PDT, and let us know who you’d like to hear from next!

Summit short cuts

We have two more shortened talks from Summit 2022 available on our YouTube channel! First up is a talk from Samuel Vazquez describing how Expedia creates their experience-oriented graph and their custom solution to batching multiple operations.

Interested in doing localization in your GraphQL server? Dominic Chambers presents Babylon’s solution to this using a federated subgraph:

Rapid roundup

Community spotlight

Thank you to all of the folks who’ve submitted talks for GraphQL Summit! We’re incredibly excited about the variety of talks and are hard at work reviewing. If you’ve submitted a talk, expect to hear from us by April 28. If you haven’t submitted a talk, you have until the end of today. Stay tuned for more Summit announcements later this year!

There are several new releases improving Federation support across the ecosystem:

  • Python: Graphene now supports Federation v2 🎉
  • Python: Ariadne added support for @interfaceObject
  • Scala: Caliban added support for @interfaceObject and @composeDirective

Escape recently put out a blog post challenging the conventional wisdom that GraphQL introspection should be disabled in production. What do you think? How are you using introspection? We’re starting discussion threads for all blog posts in our Discord server and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Dylan Anthony

Dylan Anthony

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