Tech Talk

Federated Subscriptions for Real-time Applications

Building an API that can serve real-time data to millions of clients is no small challenge. With traditional microservice architectures and REST, building real-time experiences meant excessive polling traffic, over-fetching, and constant coordination across backend and frontend teams to maintain the right endpoints for real-time services.

Learn how you can go beyond standard GraphQL subscriptions to make real-time data accessible and consistent across any number of clients with Federated GraphQL Subscriptions. Hear how leading engineering teams are delivering personalized and responsive user experiences at a scale never before possible.

Meet the Speakers

Korinne Alpers

Staff Product Manager , Apollo GraphQL

What you'll learn

How client teams use self-service delivery to access events across the graph

How service and backend teams can easily integrate existing subscriptions, and extend shared subscriptions

How API platform teams scale subscriptions without sacrificing performance

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