Error Handling with Apollo

At Apollo, we’ve heard a lot of desire from GraphQL developers for more guidance on how to do error handling. Learn how to communicate errors to your client in an organized way, and open up new possibilities for tooling.

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This collection will help you handle GraphQL errors in a systematic way, making developing apps with Apollo clearer and more streamlined.

Kurt Kemple
Developer Advocate at Apollo

200 OK! Error Handling in GraphQL

Sasha Solomon’s talk from GraphQL Summit Wordwide. Find out how not all “errors” are errors, how we can have a better understanding of our data, and how to model domain errors in our GraphQL schema.

Sasha Solomon


These official Apollo docs teach you how to make errors actionable on the client and server.


The error link allows you to catch network and GraphQL errors and handle them however you would like!

Frontend, How-to


GraphQL & network errors can be a pain to deal with. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this episode of Mission Briefing, you’ll learn how to handle errors with ease using Apollo Link.

Peggy Rayzis · Frontend, How-to


Any application, from simple to complex, can have its fair share of errors. It is important to handle these errors and when possible, report these errors back to your users for information.

From the community

Learn how to handle errors in React Apollo with onError which can catch things like not authenticated users.

Ben Awad · Frontend, How-to

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