Federation 101

It can be challenging to serve an enterprise-scale data graph with a single, monolithic GraphQL server. To keep teams productive, you can use Apollo Federation to divide your graph’s implementation across multiple composable services. Learn about federation principles, tooling, and how to implement federation.

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This collection teaches you how to use Federation to implement separation of concerns and solve pain points like coordination and brittle gateway code.

Khalil Stemmler
Developer Advocate
From the community

Getting Started with Apollo Federation

Apollo Federation allows you to orchestrate different GraphQL services into a single GraphQL gateway. In this playlist, we’ll introduce you to the core concepts of Apollo Federation to get you started by improving an example app for Snowtooth Mountain.

Alex Banks · Backend


In this talk, Mandi Wise will demonstrate how to get up and running with Apollo Federation in minutes and offer some considerations to keep in mind when transitioning to a distributed GraphQL architecture using this tool. This talk is 20 mins with 10 minutes of Q&A.

Mandi Wise


Michael Watson walks Kurt Kemple through setting up federation inside of Apollo Studio. Apollo Studio helps you develop, deliver, and observe your data graph.

Michael Watson & Kurt Kemple · Backend, GraphOS, How-to


The official docs for Apollo Federation. Learn how to implement a single data graph across multiple services.

From the community

Moderator: Jeff Hampton, Solutions Architect at Apollo Uri Goldshtein, Founder/Member at The Guild Stephen Spalding, Engineer at Netflix William Guedes, Engineering Manager at StockX Tejas Shikhare, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix


From the community

In this episode, Tony and Marc chat with Jesse Rosenberger, the engineering manager of the server team at Apollo GraphQL. We chat about GraphQL federation: A specification and declarative way to unify multiple GraphQL sources as one gateway.

GraphQL FM · Backend


Kyle Schrade joins Kurt Kemple to talk about how StockX is using GraphQL to power the world’s first stock market for things – a live ‘bid/ask’ marketplace.

Kurt Kemple & Kyle Schrade · Backend


Ashi discusses the future of Federation, both from a technology standpoint, as well how it will differ from federation today.

Ashi Krishnan · Announcement, Backend

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