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Community links

Thank you to all the Apollo community members who have contributed custom ! If you've built a link and would like it to be featured, please submit a pull request.

Links that do not appear to be actively maintained might be removed from this list at Apollo's discretion.

apollo-link-webworker@PCreationsLets you use GraphQL client-side only, with a webworker as a "server" supporting normal query and subscriptions.
apollo-upload-client@jaydensericEnhances Apollo for intuitive file uploads via GraphQL mutations.
apollo-angular-link-http@kamilkisielaAn HTTP link for use with Apollo Angular.
apollo-angular-link-headers@kamilkisielaTransform a key-value object into an instance of HttpHeaders (@angular/common/http).
react-apollo-network-status@amannnBrings information about the global network status from Apollo into React.
apollo-link-watched-mutation@haytkoOrganizes cache invalidations per query on a mutation.
apollo-link-token-refresh@newsiberianPerforms expired JWT renewal.
link-http-dataloader@graphcoolBatching and caching provided by dataloader.
@absinthe/socket-apollo-link@absinthe-graphqlCommunicate over an Absinthe socket.
apollo-absinthe-upload-link@bytewitchcraftEnables file uploading to Absinthe backends.
apollo-link-logger@blackxoredLogger that uses similar format to redux-logger and includes performance information.
apollo-link-queue@helferBuffers requests on a toggle, such as an on/offline event.
apollo-link-optimistic@helferReturns an immediate optimistic response before returning server results.
apollo-link-serialize@helferSerializes requests by key to ensure execution order.
apollo-link-debounce@helferDebounce requests made within an interval.
apollo-link-segment@hobochildAutomatically track apollo operations with segment.
apollo-link-observable@dragozinLink that allows you to make side effects of graphql queries using RxJS.
apollo-multi-endpoint-link@habxAdd directive to redirect requests to right endpoint
@grafbase/apollo-link@grafbaseUse GraphQL @live queries with Server-Sent Events.
WebSocket (older protocol)
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