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GraphOS and Apollo Studio

GraphOS is Apollo's all-purpose platform for growing and collaborating on your . Apollo Studio is the web interface for , which provides helpful views into your graph's usage and performance.

Among others, these GraphOS features are available to all Apollo users for free:

  • The Explorer, a powerful IDE that connects to all your environments and provides ergonomic ways to author and manage queries.
  • A registry that tracks the evolution of your graph across your environments.
  • Key insights into which parts of your schema are being actively used, and by whom.
  • Team collaboration via organizations

To learn more about GraphOS, check out the overview.

Apollo Client Devtools

The Devtools are available as an extension for Chrome and Firefox.


The Apollo Client Devtools appear as an "Apollo" tab in your web browser's Inspector panel, alongside default tabs like "Console" and "Network". The devtools currently have four main features:

  • GraphiQL: Send queries to your server through your web application's configured Apollo Client instance, or the Apollo Client cache to see what data is loaded.
  • Watched query inspector: View active queries, , and cached results, and re-run individual queries.
  • Mutation inspector: View active and their variables, and re-run individual mutations.
  • Cache inspector: Visualize the Apollo Client cache and search it by name and/or value.

Apollo Client Devtools


You can install the extension via the webstores for Chrome and Firefox.


While your app is in dev mode, the Apollo Client Devtools will appear as an "Apollo" tab in your web browser inspector. To enable the devtools in your app in production, pass connectToDevTools: true to the ApolloClient constructor in your app. Pass connectToDevTools: false if want to manually disable this functionality.

Find more information about contributing and debugging on the Apollo Client Devtools GitHub page.

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