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Apollo Server Integrations

Are you looking to build a new integration? Or help maintain an existing integration? See Building Web Framework Integrations for Apollo Server for step-by-step guidance!

4 includes two built-in integrations: startStandaloneServer and expressMiddleware.

The startStandaloneServer function sets useful defaults to get you started quickly. Under the hood, the startStandaloneServer function uses Apollo Server 4's Express integration (i.e., expressMiddleware). The expressMiddleware function is Apollo Server 4's Express integration.

Have you built, or are you maintaining, an Apollo Server integration that isn't listed here? Please submit a PR to be added to this list!

The larger community maintains the following open-source integrations for Apollo Server:

Web FrameworkIntegration Package
AWS Lambda@as-integrations/aws-lambda
Azure Functions@as-integrations/azure-functions
Cloudflare Workers@as-integrations/cloudflare-workers
Nuxt / h3@as-integrations/h3

Apollo does not provide official support for the above community-maintained libraries. We cannot guarantee that community-maintained libraries adhere to best practices or that they will continue to be maintained.

For those building a new integration library, we'd like to welcome you (and your repository!) to the apollo-server-integrations Github organization alongside other community-maintained Apollo Server integrations. If you participate in our organization, you'll have the option to publish under our community's NPM scope @as-integrations, ensuring your integration is discoverable.

Building integrations
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