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Review schema proposals

Review and provide feedback on proposed schema changes in GraphOS

This feature is only available with a GraphOS Enterprise plan.
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This article describes actions in the Proposal review stage of the schema proposal workflow.

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Review a proposal

Proposal creators and reviewers can review different aspects of a proposal from its non-editor tabs in GraphOS Studio.

Schema proposals tabs in GraphOS Studio
  • A proposal's Overview tab is where team members with the appropriate permissions can:
    • View and edit a proposal's description by clicking the pencil icon on the description.
    • Use the Proposal activity log to monitor changes and leave commentary.
    • View the proposal's status and author.
    • Select reviewers.
  • The Changes tab shows both a summary and detailed view of the schema changes that make up a proposal.
    • All viewers can provide line-specific comments from the Changes tab.
  • The Checks tab shows all schema checks that have run for saved revisions.
    • Both reviewers and authors should ensure pass for a finalized proposal.


A proposal's Changes tab shows both a Summary and Detailed view of the schema changes that make up a proposal:

The schema proposals changes tab in GraphOS Studio
  • The Summary shows the number of objects, interfaces, and other types that changed in the proposal. Each type shows the number of lines added, deleted, and modified.

  • The Detailed view shows a collapsible diff for each changed type.

You can use the left nav to view changes for a particular , or see the changes in the context of the composed supergraph schema or resulting API schema.

Add comments

You can comment on any line in the detailed view's diff. Hover over the line and click the chat icon that appears.

Adding a comment to a schema proposal in GraphOS Studio

Write your comment in the panel that appears on the right. Click on the ••• button next to a comment to edit or delete it.

Editing a schema proposal comment in GraphOS Studio

Share a comment thread by clicking the link button to copy its URL.

Sharing a schema proposal comment in GraphOS Studio

The blue tab that appears next to a line shows the number of comments that line has.

An indicator shows three comments on a schema proposal line in GraphOS Studio

Add a review

Once you've reviewed a proposal, click the Add review button on the top right of the proposal's overview tab to formalize your review.

A blue notification showing a request to review a proposal in GraphOS Studio

A dialog appears where you can leave general commentary and select to approve the proposal.

Schema proposal review dialog in GraphOS Studio

You can edit your review by clicking the pencil icon next to your name in the list of Reviewers.

Editing a schema proposal review in GraphOS Studio


Once a proposal receives the minimum number of approvals, its status changes to Approved.

An approved schema proposal in GraphOS Studio

Revisions made to an approved proposal don't change the Approved status of the proposal. To set the proposal's status to Open for feedback or another status, manually change it from the proposal's overview page.

Once a proposal is approved, your team can begin implementing the approved changes.


—even approved ones—don't deploy any changes to your . Once a proposal is approved, your team must implement and publish the changes.

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