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GraphQL Subscription Support

Execute GraphQL subscription operations in GraphOS Studio Explorer

The provides support for executing using a variety of protocols (including WebSocket and HTTP). You can configure the Explorer to use whichever protocol your GraphQL endpoint requires.


To execute a GraphQL subscription in the GraphOS Studio Explorer, first open the Explorer's Connection settings to specify your endpoint and implementation:

Subscription settings in the Explorer


Remember that the path and protocol of your subscriptions URL might differ from those of your primary endpoint.

Executing a subscription

You define a subscription operation in the Explorer's Operation panel, just as you do for a or . When you run the subscription, a Subscriptions panel appears in the bottom right that updates as new data arrives:

Subscriptions panel in the Explorer
  • The most recently received payload is displayed at the top of the panel.
  • The dot next to STATUS indicates whether the Explorer is connected to your subscriptions endpoint (green if connected, red if disconnected).
  • Click the X next to Listening to stop listening for updates. The updates you've already received remain in the panel.
  • Click the X next to Subscriptions to close the panel entirely.

Troubleshooting connection issues

If you can't connect to your subscriptions endpoint, double-check all the following in the Explorer's Connection settings:

  • The protocol of your endpoint URL (ws/wss for WebSocket, http/https for HTTP)
  • The path of your endpoint URL
  • Your selected subscriptions implementation (see Setup)
Connecting and Authenticating
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