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Build status notifications

Receive webhook alerts whenever GraphOS attempts to build a new supergraph schema

This feature is only available with a GraphOS Dedicated or Enterprise plan.
To compare GraphOS feature support across all plan types, see the pricing page.

This feature is in preview. Your questions and feedback are highly valueddon't hesitate to get in touch with your Apollo contact or on the official Apollo GraphQL Discord.

You can configure GraphOS to notify your team via webhook whenever attempts to build a new for your federated graph. The notification indicates whether the build succeeded and provides a temporary URL to the new if so.

You can configure separate change notifications for each variant of your .


See Setting up GraphOS Notifications.

Webhook format

Build status notifications are sent exclusively as webhooks. Details are provided as a JSON object in the request body.

The JSON object conforms to the structure of the ResponseShape interface:

interface BuildError {
message: string;
locations: ReadonlyArray<Location>;
interface Location {
line: number;
column: number;
interface ResponseShape {
eventID: string;
supergraphSchemaURL: string | undefined; // See description below
buildSucceeded: boolean;
buildErrors: BuildError[] | undefined; // See description below
graphID: string;
variantID: string; // See description below
timestamp: string; // ISO 8601 Date string
  • If the build succeeds, the value of supergraphSchemaURL is a short-lived (24-hour) URL that enables you to fetch the without authenticating (such as with an API key). Otherwise, this is not present.

  • If the build fails, buildErrors is an array of BuildError objects that describe the errors that occurred during the build. Otherwise, this is not present.

  • The value of variantID is in the format graphID@variantName (for example, mygraph@staging). This format is known as a graph ref.

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