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Schema change notifications

You can configure Apollo Studio to notify your team whenever any changes (additions, deprecations, removals, etc.) are made to your graph's registered schema:

Schema notification Slack message.

You can configure separate change notifications for each variant of your graph.


See Setting up Studio Notifications.

Webhook format

If you receive schema change notifications via a custom webhook, notification details are provided as a JSON object in the request body.

The JSON object conforms to the structure of the ResponseShape interface:

interface Change {
description: string;
interface ResponseShape {
eventType: "SCHEMA_PUBLISH"; // Currently, only SCHEMA_PUBLISH webhooks are supported
eventID: string;
changes: Change[]; // Set of schema changes that occurred
schemaURL: string; // See description below
schemaURLExpiresAt: string; // ISO 8601 Date string
graphID: string;
variantID: string; // See description below
timestamp: string; // ISO 8601 Date string
  • The value of schemaURL is a short-lived (24-hour) URL that enables you to fetch the published schema without authenticating (such as with an API key). The URL expires at the time indicated by schemaURLExpiresAt.

  • The value of variantID is in the format graphID@variantName (e.g., mygraph@staging).

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