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Using a custom HTTP client

By default, uses the following HTTP clients for different platforms/languages:

PlatformHTTP Client

You can use a different HTTP client with by creating a custom class that implements the HttpEngine interface.

The HttpEngine interface

The HttpEngine interface defines two functions: execute and dispose. Here's an example implementation that also includes a couple of helper methods:

class MyHttpEngine(val wrappedClient: MyClient) : HttpEngine {
* Helper function to map the Apollo requests to MyClient requests
private fun HttpMethod.toMyClientRequest(): MyClientRequest {
* And the other way around
private fun MyClientResponse.toApolloResponse(): HttpResponse {
override suspend fun execute(request: HttpRequest) = suspendCancellableCoroutine { continuation ->
val call = wrappedClient.newCall(request.toMyClientRequest())
continuation.invokeOnCancellation {
// If the coroutine is cancelled, also cancel the HTTP call
success = { myResponse ->
// Success! report the response
error = { throwable ->
// Error. Wrap in an ApolloException and report the error
override fun dispose() {
// Dispose any resources here

This example uses an asynchronous wrappedClient that runs the network request in a separate thread. Note that because HttpEngine.execute itself is called from a background thread, you can safely block in execute().

Using your HttpEngine

After you create your HttpEngine implementation, you can register it with your ApolloClient instance using ApolloClient.Builder.httpEngine:

// Use your HttpEngine
val client = ApolloClient.Builder()
.serverUrl(serverUrl = "https://com.example/graphql")
.httpEngine(httpEngine = MyHttpEngine(wrappedClient))

With this configuration, sends all of its requests with MyHttpEngine.

Other HTTP customizations

Besides implementing HttpEngine, also supports other methods for customizing HTTP behavior:

  • No runtime: You can opt out of the runtime completely and only use generated models and parsers. Use this option if you don't need any of the runtime features (caching, batching, , etc.).
  • HTTP interceptors: If you want to add HTTP headers and/or logging to your requests, HTTP interceptors enable you to do this with minimal code.
HTTP interceptors
Using the models without apollo-runtime
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