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Monitor the network state to reduce latency

Network Monitor APIs are currently experimental in Apollo Kotlin. If you have feedback on them, please let us know via GitHub issues or in the Kotlin Slack community.

Android and Apple targets provide APIs to monitor the network state of your device:

You can configure your ApolloClient to use these APIs to improve latency of your requests using the NetworkMonitor API:

// androidMain
val networkMonitor = NetworkMonitor(context)
// appleMain
val networkMonitor = NetworkMonitor()
// commonMain
val apolloClient = ApolloClient.Builder()


When a NetworkMonitor is configured, you can use failFastIfOffline to avoid trying out request if the device is offline:

// Opt-in `failFastIfOffline` on all queries
val apolloClient = ApolloClient.Builder()
val response = apolloClient.query(myQuery).execute()
// "The device is offline"
// Opt-out `failFastIfOffline` on a single query
val response = apolloClient.query(myQuery).failFastIfOffline(false).execute()


When a NetworkMonitor is configured, retryOnError uses NetworkMonitor.waitForNetwork() instead of the default exponential backoff algorithm in order to reconnect faster when connectivity is back.

Customizing the retry algorithm

You can customize the retry algorithm further by defining you won interceptor. Make sure to:

  • add your interceptor last, so that it wraps the network call and doesn't get cache misses or any other errors that may be emitted by upstream interceptors.
  • call retryOnError(false) when forwarding the request downstream so that the retry is not made twice.
internal class MyRetryInterceptor(private val networkMonitor: NetworkMonitor?): ApolloInterceptor {
override fun <D : Operation.Data> intercept(request: ApolloRequest<D>, chain: ApolloInterceptorChain): Flow<ApolloResponse<D>> {
// Disable Apollo's built-in retry mechanism
val newRequest = request.newBuilder().retryOnError(false).build()
return chain.proceed(newRequest)
.onEach {
if (it.exception != null && it.exception.shouldRetry()) {
throw RetryException
}.retryWhen { cause, _->
if (cause is RetryException) {
// Add your logic here
} else {
// Programming error, re-throw it
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