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Apollo Debug Server


features the normalized cache viewer, a ical tool to inspect
normalized caches

To be able to get information about your app's normalized caches, the plugin needs to communicate with it.

To make this happen, the Apollo Debug Server is a small library that you can add to your app. It will open a server that the plugin can connect to (via adb) to list and pull caches that your app is using.


Add the apollo-debug-server dependency to your project:

dependencies {
// ...
// For security, add the dependency to your debug builds only

Registering your client

Call ApolloDebugServer.registerClient to start the server.

val apolloClient = ApolloClient.Builder()
// ...
if (BuildConfig.DEBUG) ApolloDebugServer.registerApolloClient(apolloClient)

Optionally pass a unique name to registerApolloClient to distinguish between clients if you have several.

Unregister the client when it's no longer in use:

if (BuildConfig.DEBUG) ApolloDebugServer.unregisterApolloClient(apolloClient)
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