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WebSocket Link

Send GraphQL operations over a WebSocket. Works with GraphQL Subscriptions.


This link is particularly useful to use with GraphQL Subscriptions, but it will also allow you to send GraphQL queries and mutations over WebSockets.

import { WebSocketLink } from "@apollo/client/link/ws";
import { SubscriptionClient } from "subscriptions-transport-ws";

const GRAPHQL_ENDPOINT = "ws://localhost:3000/graphql";

const client = new SubscriptionClient(GRAPHQL_ENDPOINT, {
  reconnect: true

const link = new WebSocketLink(client);


@apollo/client/link/ws takes either a subscription client, or an object with three options, to customize the behavior of the link.

uriA string endpoint to connect to
optionsA set of options to pass to a new Subscription Client
webSocketImplA custom WebSocket implementation

By default, this link uses the subscriptions-transport-ws library for the transport.

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