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ObservableQuery API reference

ObservableQuery functions

ApolloClient Observables extend the Observables implementation provided by zen-observable. Refer to the zen-observable documentation for additional context and API options.

result(): Promise<ApolloQueryResult>

(src/core/ObservableQuery.ts, line 105)

Update the variables of this observable query, and fetch the new results. This method should be preferred over setVariables in most use cases.

variables TVariables

This is for internal use only. Most users should instead use refetch in order to be properly notified of results even when they come from cache.

variables any
mapFn (any, Pick<WatchQueryOptions, "variables">) => any


The current status of a query’s execution in our system.

data T
errors ReadonlyArray<GraphQLError>
loading any
networkStatus NetworkStatus
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