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Subgraph error inclusion

Configuring subgraph error inclusion

⚠️ Apollo Router support for subgraph error inclusion is currently experimental.

The Apollo Router provides experimental support for subgraph error inclusion.

By default, the router will redact subgraph errors from clients. This is to prevent potential leaks of information to the client. This plugin makes it possible to configure your router so that subgraph errors are propagated to the client. This may be done for all subgraphs or on a per subgraph basis.


To configure subgraph error inclusion add the include_subgraph_errors plugin to your router.yaml:

all: true # Propagate errors for all subraphs
products: false # Do not propagate errors from the products subgraph

Note that configuration in the subgraphs section will take precedence over that in the all section.

Subgraph error reporting

If a subgraph error is not included (default behaviour) then errors in subgraphs will be replaced with a default error containing this message: "Subgraph errors redacted"

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