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Containerizing the Apollo Router

Run Apollo Router images in containers

Apollo provides container images of the . By containerizing the router, you can run it in a cluster and leverage the portability, scalability, and high availability benefits of containerization. Containers can also simplify and speed up local development.


The Apollo Router source code and all its distributions are made available under the Elastic License v2.0 (ELv2) license.

About the Apollo Router container image

Apollo provides container images of the Apollo Router on GitHub in its container repository. The images are based on debian:bullseye-slim, which is designed to provide constrained, secure, and small images.

Each release of the Apollo Router includes both default (production) and debug images. While each image for a release contains the same build, the debug images have helpful debugging utilities installed and run the router under the control of heaptrack.

A router image has the following layout:

  • A /dist directory containing the router executable and licensing details
  • A dist/config directory containing a default configuration file, router.yaml
  • A /dist/schema directory for conveniently mounting a locally defined

Next steps

The default behavior of a router image is suitable for a basic deployment or development scenario.

For examples of customizing and deploying router images in specific environments, see the guides for:

Standard instruments
Deploy on Kubernetes
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