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Rover config commands

Create and manage configuration profiles

enables you to create multiple configuration profiles, each of which corresponds to a different id. Each configuration profile has an associated API key, which determines its permissions. You manage your configuration profiles with the rover config set of commands.

Displaying configuration profiles

config list

The config list command lists all of your stored configuration profiles:

rover config list

config whoami

The config whoami command displays the details of your current active configuration profile:

rover config whoami
Checking identity of your API key against the registry.
Key Type: USER
User ID: gh.StephenBarlow
Origin: --profile default
API Key: user************************************abcd

Creating configuration profiles

config auth

You create a new configuration profile with the config auth command:

rover config auth
Go to and create a new Personal API Key.
Copy the key and paste it into the prompt below.

By default, your configuration profile is saved with the name default. You can specify a different name with the --profile option:

rover config auth --profile sso

Deleting configuration profiles

config delete

The config delete command deletes a single configuration profile, specified by its name:

rover config delete sso
Successfully deleted profile "sso"

config clear

The config clear command deletes all of your stored configuration profiles:

rover config clear
Successfully cleared all configuration.
Error codes
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